Thursday, May 31, 2007

First harvests....

Here is the garden as it looks today.....

Last year the neighbours had us planting absolutely everything......whether we liked it or not! This year we have grown what we like in large quantities, sensible you might think.
The garden would not be what it is today though had it not been for them.We learnt so much last year from them all, being novices in the garden their help and advice has been, and still is, invaluable.
Now though a little more confident things have moved on and we find we are sharing our hints and tips with them, even though some of them they find rather strange.....

May brought our first harvest of spinach ,peas and strawberries.
I love it here...gardening seems so much so than in the books!
Take this for packet of 200g peas...plant in February...leave for 3 months...harvest 12lbs of peas...that's it!
I like it simple and aim to keep this diary the same way.

Today is strawberry picking again.We have 3 patches and have so far picked over 20lbs of fruit.We use no chemicals or artificial fertilisers on anything we grow.
Most of them we have made into jam, compote and juice to see us through the Winter, which thankfully seems so far away.
Today we pick to give to the neighbours.Its been very dry here and lots of crops have struggled due to the lack of rain.

There is only one problem with giving here in Bulgaria and that it you have to be prepared to receive more than you give...

Strawberries galore!