Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh it' s getting colder

November has brought our first frost and minus temperatures though only -1 or so in our area of the country.

The pumpkins have been picked and those not ripe have been passed onto those neighbours with a donkey, horse or pig.

The leaves have almost all fallen off the trees and I can't help feeling a little sad to see everything looking so bleak, the garden is really winding down.
Although the garlic and onions planted in October are already beginning to show through and the Strawberry patches are also looking healthy.

I have brought in our Bougainvillea , which has done well this
Summer in it's pot.The info about it says it will withstand - temp but I am not too sure so have brought it in for its first year.

The wine is ready after it's 40 days ...a lovely deep clear dry red should keep us warm this Winter.
The Sloe berries are also ready for picking and adding to the Rakia or Gin along with some sugar to make a great liquor in under 3 months ready for the New Year.