Monday, August 10, 2009

The August heat!

With temperatures in the high 30's every day and little to no rain I am brought back to memories of last year trying to keep the garden alive!

No amount of water seems to make any difference ...yet considering all is not too bad and I have found new friends ... plastic flowers....

A cheat I know but they can, if used sparingly, look quite effective and let's face it they are no trouble at all!

I have already started to harvest.Not only to save as much as I can but by doing it now it saves time and money watering!

Also record number of guest in the guesthouse has meant that a lot of produce has been eaten along the way.....

The cherry tomatoes have all been picked to make sweet chilly chutney.
However I do not think I shall bother with this variety next year.
They took a lot of watering ....and I think that they will take a lot of time cooking too!

....tasty though and a nice change ....