Monday, July 9, 2007


We had some very strong winds late last week and as a result most of the apricots fell off the trees.

Our trees are of the late fruiting variety and as a result did again produce a very good crop this year.
Unfortunately most of our neighbours have the early fruiting variety and due to the frosts in April this year have had little to no fruit.

So some early harvesting was required and after 2 days we had them all picked and stoned ready for jam and wine making.

The jam is already made.A simple recipe
5lb fruit simmer for 15 minutes until well broken up...
1.5/2lb sugar
1 small packet pectin.....
make sure all sugar is dissolved and then place into jars.

We are also going to try to make our own chutney this year.I have frozen some apricots until we find the right recipe....
We also managed to give some away to our neighbours...which made for a refreshing change.

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