Monday, August 13, 2007

New lease of life...

Well the rain has done wonders for the garden!
Everything looks refreshed and revived.

The peppers, tomatoes and grapes are all pluming up nicely ...

....even the melons have started again hopefully with more luck this time.

Along with all this comes lots of work too.Everywhere is now covered with a crust of dried soil full of tiny weeds that needs breaking up...well it keeps us fit.

The wind also brought down most of the apples and guess what...we are experimenting with apple wine today.

We have picked and chopped almost 20lbs of apples added 10 litres of water and in 5 days time we will mash and strain and add the sugar.

Again I shall update on it's progress and success although I think this will be more difficult than the cherry wine...which by the way is sadly coming to an end.

Ah well there's always next year.........

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jayandjayltd said...

Wow! Great pictures and thanks for the info on the garden. This I hope is what we will be doing in 2009 but on a much smaller scale. Well done!