Friday, May 29, 2009

Busy again....

Things are moving so fast in the garden this year, and with June around the corner I am not sure where the time goes!

More or less everything is holding up fine in the unusual hot temperatures.For weeks now we have had temps of 30 plus in the shade.It has been incredibly dry and no amount of watering seems to make a difference.

The number of insects and birds is phenomenal though! Painted lady butterflies which are currently en mass in the UK are in large numbers here's wonderful the flowers are just teeming!

The lizards have set up their territories throughout the garden and we hope they will be breeding.This is 'Eddie' the lizard who has set up home in this old unused bee hive.Even the moles are 'behaving' themselves at present ...keeping many of the ground bugs in check and providing great potting soil at the same time!

We have worked very hard this year with the flowers in the garden trying to ensure not only constant colour but food for everyone all spring through to autumn.

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