Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting creative

This week I have been spending some time looking at ways to add some interest into the garden.To cover up areas of garden quickly with a few plants to cut down on watering large areas.
I am not very good at this as I have difficulty thinking on a large scale.

I have used some old roofing tiles before to make the herb garden and this time have tried it to around some plants which I think looks quite effective.

I also tried making a 'pond area'.It's in it's very early stages here and looks a
little bare but with some more planting......
At the moment we have unfortunately had to place netting over the top as it's the nest building time for the paper wasps and it has been attracting them in big

But it's OK the birds still have their water dish...

My next project will be another of the round tiled design .I want to interlace 3 of them and attempt it on a much bigger scale on one of the grass areas to break it up a little......well that's if I can stand the heat at the moment!
Still no rain , almost 2 months now, dreadful....fingers and toes are crossed for next week...

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